UPS Services

Conducting preventive maintenance on your UPS systems on a regular basis is just as important as conducting maintenance on your batteries. An effective maintenance plan will ensure that the electronic and mechanical components of a UPS are evaluated, cleaned and tested. It helps identify issues and greatly reduces the risk of failure. Preventive maintenance goes a long way to ensure you are getting the most life out of your UPS system. A few examples of maintenance conducted by InLine Power are:

  • Measuring input currents and harmonic content can help identify an imbalance in the rectifier section that can indicate the input harmonic filter is not funtioning 100%.
  • Measuring output load of the UPS to determine proper balancing to avoid overheating and overloading of the neutral conductor.
  • Thermal imaging scan of the UPS harmonic filter may indicate the AC capacitors are degradating and replacement should be planned.

Other UPS services InLine Power can provide are:

  • Pre-site inspections
  • Start up services
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Commissioning services
  • Load assessment
  • Thermal imaging of UPS and battery cabinets
  • Emergency service
  • Repair service
  • Load bank testing
  • AC and DC capacitor replacement
  • Load capacity testing
  • Harmonic content analysis

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